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The Morning exists to provide resources and community for those grieving (and for those who love someone who is grieving.) And recently I thought, what better way to provide resources about grief AND community for those grieving than a book club?!

An opportunity to learn together about this grief journey.

I am so excited to dive into this with you!

What is The Joyful Mourning Book Club?

The Joyful Mourning Book Club is here to provide resources for learning about grief, suffering and healing after the loss of a baby.

We are also here to provide an opportunity for women in a similar season to learn, grow and find healing together.

How The Joyful Mourning Book Club Will Work

  1. A monthly book will be assigned at the first of the month, along with a suggested weekly reading schedule.
  2. Each week we will discuss that week’s reading via a short Facebook Live in The Joyful Mourning Community. (Thursdays at 9am.)
  3. Lastly, at the end of month there will be a re-cap of with a few final thoughts about the book as well as a look forward at the next month’s book selection.

How to Join!

  1. Sign up below to join The Joyful Mourning Book Club (this will give you access to The Joyful Mourning Community, where the weekly live discussions will be, as well the monthly reading plans and recaps.)
  2. Purchase the books (or just the book for May!) (listed below!)
  3. On Social Media, tag @thejoyfulmorning and use the #thejoyfulmourningbookclub on social media to let us know you’ve joined and to invite a friend along. You can also use the hashtag as you read throughout the month, so we can cheer each other another on!

When does The Book Club Start?

  • We will begin May 1, reading God’s Grace in your Suffering by David Powlison
  • The May reading plan will be emailed to Book Club Members on Friday, April 26.
  • Our weekly live discussions will begin Thursday, May 9 at 9am.



  • The Book List is based on recommendations that many of you sent my way as well as books that I have read and found helpful in regards to grieving the loss of a baby. Many of the books in the provided Book List have a Christian perspective, however, you do not have to be a Christian to participate. If there is a book that you have found to be helpful on this specific subject, please let me know! hello@themorning.com
  • Feel the freedom to read as much or as little as you would like; either way you are still welcome in The Joyful Mourning Book Club.


See you on Thursdays at 9am!

In The Joyful Mourning Community, starting May 9.

P.S. Affiliate links are used in this post! Affiliate links provide a small commission and allow The Joyful Mourning Book Club to keep running!


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