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What is the Book Club?

The Joyful Mourning Book Club is here to provide resources for learning about grief, suffering and healing after the loss of a baby.

We are also here to provide an opportunity for women in a similar season to learn, grow and find healing together.

How Does It Work?

  1. A monthly book will be assigned at the first of the month, along with a suggested weekly reading schedule.
  2. Each week we will discuss that week’s reading via a short Facebook Live in The Joyful Mourning Community. (Thursdays at 9am.)
  3. Lastly, at the end of month there will be a re-cap of with a few final thoughts about the book as well as a look forward at the next month’s book selection.

How Do I Join?

  1. Sign up below to join The Joyful Mourning Book Club
  2. Purchase the books (listed below!)
  3. Use the #thejoyfulmourningbookclub on social media as you read along, so we can cheer one another on and stay on track.


What Will We Be Reading?


See you on Thursday at 9am!

In The Joyful Mourning Community, starting May 9.

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Discussion Videos

God’s Grace in your Suffering, David Powlison