Help A Grieving Friend or Family Member

Episode 53

I’m getting really honest in today’s episode about what pregnancy after loss has been like for me and sharing a few practical ideas for how to fight through the difficulties and challenges a loss mama might face in this season. If you love someone who has experienced the loss of a baby and is either trying to conceive or is pregnant again, I think this episode will help shed some light on what she is feeling and experiencing and in turn help you to understand a little better what she is going through.

At the time of this recording I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant. The past 30+ weeks have held high highs that have been incredibly sweet and joy-filled, moments I will treasure forever, but I would by lying if I didn’t tell you that the majority of these past 30+ weeks have held incredibly low lows.

In this episode I share a few practical physical, mental and spiritual tips for fighting those low lows.

This episode likely did not answer all your questions about pregnancy after loss but I pray that it gave you an honest picture of a girl trying to fight for faith amidst a war of uncertainty and fear. I pray it encourages you that you are not alone in this and that you are reminded of a God who will one day restore and redeem all that has been broken. You are so loved friend and I am praying for you today.



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For the grieving mama who may find opening the Bible to be too difficult in this season, The Write the Word Journals are a perfect solution. This tool takes the overwhelm out of opening the Bible and provides a simple way to consistently spend time reading God’s Word — where I believe true healing can be found. To check out all the details about the Write the Word Journals (as well as a generous 10% coupon code from my friends at Cultivate What Matters head to

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