Navigating the Holidays after miscarriage or infant loss | The Joyful Mourning Podcast Episode 018 with Ashlee Proffitt, Meg Walker & Sterling Myers | The Morning: A Community of hope for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Listen in to this week’s special episode as I interview two women about what it looks like to navigate the holidays amidst grief. We chat about the challenges of the holiday season as well as simple, practical ways to find joy when your heart is aching.

Meg Walker and Sterling Myers have such incredible wisdom to offer that is encouraging and freeing and full of real empathy and knowing — I am so grateful they joined me for this special episode. As we enter the holiday season I pray this episode reminds you that you aren’t alone in the difficulty that is navigating holidays, nor are you alone in the pain of grief and loss and lastly, I pray this episode reminds you that you are more loved than you can even know.

Meet Meg

Hi, I’m Meg – I’m a mom of two with babies in Heaven, a fan of warm weather and the beach, and a lover of meaningful conversations with family and friends. I spend my days with my baby girl and college students in Richmond, VA, sharing with them the grace and truth that Jesus offers as he transforms their lives – and mine!

Listen to Meg’s Story in Episode 010.

You can find Meg over on her website and also on her Instagram account @megawalker.

Meet Sterling

I am a pastor’s wife and mother to a 1 year old baby girl who left us too soon. God has been so gracious and merciful to my husband and I, even in our darkest days. Learning to navigate life after June’s passing has been challenging. When she died, every area of my life was touched by my grief. I am learning how to keep going, one day at a time.

Listen to Sterling’s Story in Episode 013.

You can find Sterling over on her Instagram account @sterlingdawn.

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