Episode 48

Listen in as I spend some time with Kathryn Ann Casey — a mom to 4 children here and 3 in heaven, a woman who’s journey to motherhood and in motherhood has been full of heartache and loss and grief. And yet, after experiencing so much suffering she speaks with such tenderness and peace and reminds listeners of the joy that can be had even in the midst of suffering. 

Kathryn experienced 2 miscarriages, her son, Peter, has a rare and life-threatening genetic condition called SPINT2 and her daughter Celeste died during birth at 37 weeks from anencephaly. In our time together Kathryn shares wisdom specifically for women who have received a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby (she even explains why she prefers that term over terminal or fatal), she shares with her why she made the decision to carry her daughter to term but she also helps us understand the struggle she had with making that decision. She gives helpful wisdom to those who may love someone who is grieving and very tangible advice on how to walk older siblings through the death of a baby. And her answer to “is there anything you would do differently” may surprise you — but it is honest and helpful and full of much wisdom. Listen for that around the 38-39 minute mark. 

This episode is full of practical wisdom, but more than that it is a reminder that joy can be had even amidst the worst of circumstances. That we can find the good, even in the pain. And most of all, I pray this episode reminds you that you are not alone in your grief and that you are more loved than you can ever imagine.


Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Anne Casey is a Northern California native and cradle Catholic, wife of ten years and mother to four children on earth and three in heaven. Her son, Peter, has a rare and life-threatening genetic condition called SPINT2 and her daughter Celeste died during birth at 37 weeks from anencephaly. Kathryn is the author of Journey in Love: A Catholic Mother’s Prayers after Prenatal Diagnosis published by Our Sunday Visitor, and writes regularly for the Hughson Chronicle & Denair Dispatch and on her blog, http://www.KathrynAnneCasey.com.

You can learn more about Kathryn by following along via Instagram: @kathrynannecasey

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