Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Today, October 15, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. Today we honor you and remember your babies. And I wanted to invite you to join me at 7pm for something really special. 

At 7pm (your local time) light a candle. Women who have experienced the loss of a baby will be joining together from all over the world, lighting a candle and creating a Wave of Light — honoring our babies and raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss. 

If you choose to join us in lighting a candle, make sure you tag @thejoyfulmorning so The Joyful Mourning Community can follow along with your story.

P.S. I’ve listed a few more ways you can raise awareness today if you would like to do so! Even for those of you who may be here simply because you love someone grieving!

Post the ribbon for Pregnancy & Infant Loss to social media and tell the world your story.


  1. LIGHTING A CANDLE at 7pm and sharing with friends, family and social media.
  2. POSTING THE PREGNANCY & INFANT LOSS RIBBON on social media. Download the ribbon graphic.
  3. POSTING A  ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Download the shareable graphics.
  4. TAG @thejoyfulmorning so we can all follow along!