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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, A C-Section, Emergency Hysterectomy & Finding Joy Amidst Loss through Intentional Gratitude on The Joyful Mourning Podcast Episode 40 |

Episode 040

Listen in as my special guest Aubrey Tollefson shares her story of loss after loss after loss but the remarkable way she found hope and healing through intentionally choosing gratitude amidst an unbelievable amount of grief. 

During our time together Aubrey and I talk about what pregnancy after recurrent loss is like, why she couldn’t even bring herself to buy maternity pants and why she hates the phrase ‘pregnancy is a natural thing.’ Aubrey also gets really honest about the complex nature of experiencing both joy and loss all at the same time and what she would say to another mom who is walking through such a dichotomy. And make sure to listen all the way to the end when she shares a piece of absolutely invaluable wisdom. No matter what has brought you here today, I am sure that this interview will resonate with you as it did with me. 


Aubrey talks about how hard it was amidst her losses to be really honest about the grief she was experiencing and how utterly hopeless she felt during that time but didn’t feel the freedom to talk about it with those around her. I wanted to remind you that if that is something you are struggling with as well — finding a safe place to talk and feel known and understood, come join our online community. You will find that safe place and the freedom to talk about how you are really doing with women who really understand.  To join this free community, simply head to for all the details on how to join.

We would love to have you join us and I can’t wait to see you there. 


I am a Registered Nurse and wife to my farmer, Brett. I’m also a mama to three angel babies and one little miracle here on earth. I’m a big believer in empathy and feel we need to cultivate a world in which we all do a better job of caring for one another.

Get to know Aubrey more over on Instagram: breetolly

It's ok to be ecstatic about one thing and grieving another. | Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, A C-Section, Emergency Hysterectomy & Finding Joy Amidst Loss through Intentional Gratitude on The Joyful Mourning Podcast Episode 40 |
"Those losses change you as a person. They leave scars and you won't be the same but those things that make you more human also make more beautiful." Aubrey Tollefson on The Joyful Mourning Podcast Episode 040 |

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