An honest conversation about the loss of a baby (infant death) and a crisis of faith. "Who is God? Where is He? How Could He have a purpose for this?" Episode 037 with Lianna Davis on The Joyful Mourning Podcast |

Episode 037

Listen in as I talk with Lianna Davis about what life and faith after she experienced the death of her daughter Noelle.

Lianna shares about the moments immediately following her daughter’s death as well as the weeks and months and years that followed. She talks about how her faith was challenged and how she has grown in her understanding of who God is as a result of having walked through death and grief.

We discuss difficult questions that one faces when confronted with death, questions about the truth of who God is, His character and His goodness and His presence. And Lianna answers questions like  “how could God use something this painful for His sovereign purposes? For good? How could He have a purpose for this?” She talks about a season of really grappling with whether or not all that she believed was even true — exploring the thought that “maybe there are other possibilities besides Christianity maybe this isn’t really the only way and maybe i don’t need to hold so fast to these truths i have professed my entire life.”

Listen in to hear how this wise woman reconciled those questions and in the end could say these words: “I just come back to the cross again, in the mind of the Lord that he would have such wisdom to turn such glory and such salvation from such a death — that gives me the hope that He can do the same in our lives. That He can turn our pain into something that will ultimately bring honor and glory to Him.”

Lianna’s knowledge and understanding of Scripture and theology is challenging in the best kind of way — especially in light of what she has experienced. She trusts God and can say He is good even in the face of losing her daughter. If the Christian faith is something that feels foreign and unknown to you, or if you just aren’t at a place where you can say that “God is good” right now; I want you to know that I’m praying for you today and I think that while it may be challenging to hear or even believe this podcast episode has the potential to be very helpful to you. Know that I am praying for each and every one of you — that God would meet you right where you are and remind you of His great love for you today.

Believing in God after losing her daughter | An honest conversation about grappling with faith after experiences infant death with Lianna Davis on The Joyful Mourning Podcast, episode 037 |

Free 7 Day Devotional

During out time together Lianna says “don’t let a season of doubt take you away from scripture” so if you are in a season where opening your bible feels too hard or it’s something you’ve never done before I wanted to make it really simple for you.

I have a free 7 day devotional that I wrote specifically for women who have experienced the loss of a baby, 7 days of bible passages with a short devotion and prayer — to download that free resource, simply head over to

And again, if you aren’t quite sure what to think about this christian faith or if  reading the Bible isn’t something you have ever done before, maybe give this a try. It’s super simple way to be introduced to this faith we talk about so much here. Either way, I pray that resource blesses you.



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Meet Lianna

Lianna is wed to Tyler and mother of two dear daughters, one who lives in heaven and one who lives on earth. She is author of Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss (Hope Mommies, 2019).

You can read more of Lianna’s writing at her website, or get to know her over on Instagram: liannabdavis

Believing in God after losing her daughter | An honest conversation about grappling with faith after experiences infant death with Lianna Davis on The Joyful Mourning Podcast, episode 037 |