1 in 4 women will experience the loss of a baby through a miscarriage.

24,000 babies will be born still this year.

And hundreds of babies across the United States will die suddenly and unexpectedly.

Let’s honor those babies this month. And let’s honor these mamas who are fighting for hope and joy amidst such brokenness.

Let’s honor our babies by saying their name out loud.

Let’s honor these mamas by saying “I remember your baby with you.”

So much of this specific kind of grief journey is done in secret, quiet places and this month offers a chance to publicly raise your hand and say ‘I have a baby in heaven. Their life mattered. And it matters still.’”

I’m sharing 5 specific ways we will be doing that very thing, honoring you and your babies this month, and raising awareness along the way.


01. Aaden Sage Birthday Project

Art by Rebecca Pelletier for The Morning

Every October we not only commemorate Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness but we also celebrate my son, Aaden Sage Proffitt’s birthday!

He would be 11 on October 8!

Since October of 2013 we have shipped countless prints to mothers who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss in honor of my son’s birthday.

This simple gift shouts “I SEE YOU. I REMEMBER!” to a mom grieving the loss of a baby. If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a baby, this gift is for you.

This year we partnered with Rebecca Pelletier to create the most beautiful print featuring a pen and ink and watercolor rendering of the Snapdragon and Statice flower, both of which carry significant meaning for a grieving mother.

The Snapdragon symbolizes graciousness and strength. The Statice symbolizes remembrance and sympathy. Perfect symbols for a grieving mother who is stronger than she knows and full of such grace. And this month we remember her. This print says “you are strong and full of grace and we remember you!

order your birthday project print

simply click the ‘add to cart’ button below or to see all the details simply visit The Morning Shop!

02. Sharing Your Stories on The Morning

We’re creating a special place for you to be able to tell your stories any way you wish. To be able to share with friends and family and the world the story of your baby and your experience with loss and grief and finding healing.

This space is launching soon and we want to your story to be a part of it. Check out this page for all of the submission details.

I can’t wait to read your story.

03. Sharing Your Stories on Social Media

I’ll say it again. Tell your story.

I know I say it so much around here, but I mean it: your story matters. And the world needs to hear it. There are grieving mamas that need to hear they aren’t alone in this. And your story might be the one to resonate with them in their brokenness. The one story that will remind her that she’s not alone.

So let’s tell our stories this month!

Meg Walker put together a list of Daily Writing Prompts perfect to share a bit of our story on social media; one simple prompt for each day during the month of October.

Download the Daily Share Prompts here! Make sure to tag #myjoyfulmourning and @thejoyfulmorning so we can all follow along with your story!

04. Temporary Tattoos

I can’t think of a better way to both honor our babies and raise awareness than with a tattoo. But since I am not quite brave enough to get a real one, I thought this temporary tattoo would suffice.

The first 100 Birthday Project Print orders will receive a free temporary tattoo with their order! Absolutely free!

Show us your tattoos by tagging us over on social media @thejoyfulmorning and using the #myjoyfulmourning. I can’t wait to see yours!

05. Giveaways

necklace by grace personalized

Gifts can’t bring your baby back. Or make the pain go fully away. BUT gifts have the power to remind you that you are loved and there is beauty to be had in this world — even when that doesn’t feel true.

And I love you. And I love giving gifts.


We are hosting one giveaway each week during the month of October and I can’t wait for you to see the gifts we have to bless you with!

To make sure you don’t miss a single giveaway opportunity make sure you are following along via Instagram (@thejoyfulmorning) and are signed up to get our weekly emails! (<– the link here gives you the details about our free devotional but will get you all signed up for our weekly email too!)

I am so grateful to link arms with you this month as we share our stories and raise awareness about pregnancy and infant loss.