tell your story of pregnancy and infant loss. find healing and help raise awareness. |

If you have ever wanted to share your story with the world, now is the time.

In an effort to bring more community to this space — a place where real women have an opportunity to share with other real women and connect over their stories of finding hope amidst loss — we are launching The Joyful Mourning Stories.

A corner of the internet to call your own. A space to tell your story any way you would like to share it.

  1. It provides healing in your own heart as you remember and mourn and celebrate the baby you love.
  2. It provides comfort and community to other hurting moms by reminding them that they are not alone in this grief journey.
  3. It raises awareness about pregnancy and infant loss and in turn becomes a crucial step in preventing such loss in the future.

Sharing your Joyful Mourning Story helps to spread the word about the tragedy that is pregnancy & infant loss and at the same time brings healing to your heart and comfort to other hurting women.

No matter what specific type of loss you have experienced, we would love to hear your Joyful Mourning Story.

The Joyful Mourning Stories will be a new section of the The Morning website, different from the regular blog post content and resources, a dedicated space simply for sharing stories, connecting with other women like you and raising awareness around pregnancy and infant loss.

You may be wondering, “How is this different from the True Stories feature on the blog?” And I would answer, “Great question!” The Stories of Hope feature is formatted like an interview with predetermined questions that are very intentional, while The Joyful Mourning Stories will be a space where moms can share whatever they like.

Think of it as your own mini blog space that you can share with friends and family but not have to worry about the upkeep or logistics of an actual blog.

tell your story of pregnancy and infant loss. find healing and help raise awareness. |
Share Your Joyful Mourning Story

Click the button below for all the submission details, guidelines & instructions.

I can’t wait to hear your story.