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Book Club for Women who have experienced the loss of a baby: miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, terminal fatal prenatal diagnosis | September Edition: Buried Dreams by Lindsey Dennis |

BURIED DREAMS: From Devastating Loss to Unimaginable Hope

by Lindsey Dennis

I had the honor of interviewing Lindsey for The Joyful Mourning Podcast, Episode 41 and after hearing her story I was just in awe of the hope and joy she has. I am so grateful for an opportunity to spend a bit more time with her and to learn from her wisdom in this book.


Book Club for Women who have experienced the loss of a baby: miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, terminal fatal prenatal diagnosis | September Edition: Buried Dreams by Lindsey Dennis |

What’s the Book About?

from the back of the book

“At 20 weeks pregnant, Lindsey Dennis and her husband were told the child she was carrying would not live due to a fatal diagnosis. Later, in another stunning blow, they were told the same news with her second pregnancy. They chose to celebrate both lives alongside a community, both local and online, of hundreds of thousands as she carried each child to term only to bury them 14 months apart from each other.

Through the crushing of their hopes and dreams, they came to know the kind of resurrection hope that can rise from the grave. This experience of infant loss revealed to Dennis how sorrow and suffering are instruments in the hands of God to forge in us a greater joy and hope than one can ever know. This kind of joy can only be discovered when we walk through the deep pain of burying our most precious dreams.

Buried Dreams offers an uplifting perspective, sharing how devastating loss of personal dreams can give way to unimaginable hope and how death can give way to life. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with biblical perspective, Dennis highlights that we can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering, but we can reach for the One who is there with us in the loss.

Who Is The Author?

Lindsey lives in Florida, where she and her husband, Kevin serve on that staff of Cru, a non-profit international missions organization. She is the author of Buried Dreams: From Devastating Loss to Unimaginable Hopewhich tells her story of grief and hope in the midst of losing her first two daughters. 

Lindsey is the proud mother of 4 children, Sophie and Dasah who now live with Jesus and Jaden and Briella now in their arms. Through her own journey of loss she has found great comfort in coming alongside others who are facing the loss of a child. 

Learn more about Lindsey over on her blog Vapor & Mist or via Instagram @lindseydennis_.

Why this Book?

01. HOPE. I need to be reminded of hope. And I believe you do as well.

02. THE CONTENT. I trust Lindsey and the know that the content will be honest and it will dig into the deeper realities of a loss like this as well as the truth about the hope we have.

Read with us!

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Reading Plan

September 2 – 6 : Chapters 1 – 5
September 7 – 12 : Chapters 6 – 10
September 13 – 19 : Chapters 11 – 15
September 20 – 26 : Chapters 16 – 20

Watch The Live Discussions

JOIN US. Every Thursday I will spend a few minutes reviewing that week’s reading, discussing a few key takeaways and content that was especially encouraging or challenging to read. 

Join us live in The Joyful Mourning Community Thursdays at 2pm to discuss with us!


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