An honest interview about 3 consecutive miscarriages and learning to trust God's goodness even when it hurts. Episode 032 on The Joyful Mourning Podcast with Sarah Sandel | The Morning: Community and resources for women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss | www.themorning.com/episode032

Episode 032

Listen in as I talk with my friend, Sarah Sandel, who is wise, tender and profoundly gifted with her words. Sarah’s view of God and love for God, even after such heartache, is an example and encouragement to me even today.

In today’s episode Sarah shares her experience of 3 miscarriages and the loss of her 4 babies. She offers hope-filled validation for women who have experienced a 1st trimester miscarriage and may find themselves believing that this life was too short to matter; as she said: “It’s never JUST a miscarriage. This is a life that we can honor and that we can be thankful for, no matter how brief.

Sarah also gives a few wise words about how to handle the hard and disappointing things people sometimes say or do when you’re hurting. And if you are listening because you love someone grieving, Sarah gives an abundance of wisdom for you in this episode as well; wisdom about what is truly meaningful and helpful for someone who’s heart is breaking.

Lastly, if you are fighting to believe God is good today, listen all the way to the end when Sarah finishes this sentence: “The goodness of God is not defined by…” Her definition of God’s goodness is challenging in the best kind of way.

No matter what brought you here today, I am sure this episode is going to encourage you and challenge you and maybe make you wrestle a bit with who God is amidst your grief but it will also remind you that you are loved and that you aren’t alone in this journey.

If you feel alone today; if you are hurting and need someone who really understands what you are walking through, come join our free community by clicking here: The Joyful Mourning Community. There you will find hundreds of women who understand this pain first hand and can offer support and friendship and care. Come join us, I’d love to see you there.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is a wife, mom, writer, and Jesus follower. She and her husband Cameron have been married for eleven years and do a lot of laughing, loving, and forgiving. They have two beautiful kiddos through the gift of adoption: a spunky 6yr old daughter and a chill 2yr old son. Sarah loves strong verbs, iced coffee, and the library. She writes about ordinary life, infertility & adoption, and the pursuit of faith at http://www.sarahsandel.com.

You can learn more about Sarah over at http://www.sarahsandel.com or follow along via instagram, @stsandel.

An honest interview about miscarriages and learning to trust God's goodness even when it hurts.