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How to plan a funeral for a baby, a step by step guide |

Episode 025

In Episode 025 I have the privilege of talking with Justine Fulton, a mama who has had to do the unthinkable – plan a funeral for her 5 month old baby boy who tragically died of SIDS. Memorial or funeral services are not something we think about until the moment it becomes absolutely necessary and in that moment all the decisions that need to be made can be absolutely overwhelming. In this episode Justine and I spend our time together talking about all the beautiful details she implemented for her son’s memorial service giving ideas for simple ways to make the hardest of moments a bit sweeter and a bit more intentional. 

Justine talks about the sweet way she included her 4 year old daughter in the funeral planning process and the meaningful ways that her family and friends were included as well. Around the 31 minute mark Justine gives a very tangible way to plan a meaningful and intentional service for a baby – she shares that they started the planning process by writing a Life Story for her son in lieu of an obituary.

Writing their son’s Life Story helped to inform all the decisions about the planning process, what music would be played, what decor they would use, what colors they would wear, etc. I created a free 10 page Life Story writing guide for you to write your own child’s Life Story — even if your baby’s funeral was long ago, I think this would still be a meaningful way to treasure and remember your baby. 

Life Story Writing Prompt for Baby's Funeral | | Infant Loss, SIDS, Stillbirth


Justine and I also talk about how expensive a funeral can be and share a few words of advice on how to keep the cost down but still have a special service.

The amount of money that you spend on a funeral
does not determine how much you love your child.

Justine also shares the very helpful wisdom that throughout the funeral planning process she would ask herself “Would Jase like this?” Asking that question helped to inform the decisions she was making and enabled her to plan a service that would honor her son and his life in a meaningful way.

If you or someone you know is in the midst of planning a funeral for a baby there are multiple free resources including a free 10 page planning guide for you below. 

Meet Justine

Hey yall! I’m Justine. I’m from College Station, Texas. I’m a wife and momma to our sweet baby boy, Jase, who was 5 months old when he went to heaven. These days you can catch me chasing after our sweet-hearted 4 year old, Caroline, working around the garden, and finding new ways to serve my family. I enjoy devoting my mornings to the word of God with a good cup of coffee, for his goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life.

You can read more of Justine’s story here and follow along with her daily journey on Instagram: justafulton.



Planning a Funeral for a Baby |
How to Plan a Funeral for a Baby |
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How to plan a funeral for a baby, a step by step guide |

How to plan a funeral for a baby, a step by step guide |