Episode 65

This is our second installment of our special series all about the enneagram and grief. Maybe you have never heard of the enneagram or maybe you have read all the books, either way this series is going to be incredibly helpful in growing our understanding of how we all grieve differently. Giving us compassion for ourselves and others as we grow to understand ourselves and those around us in a deeper way. In today’s episode I am talking with Monique Scrip, a certified enneagram coach about enneagram types 1, 9 and 8.  She walks us through a description of each of those types, what they might look like in grief, what they might struggle with that is specific to them and their unique personality. We also talk about how to best love someone who is a 1, 9 or 8 who is walking through the loss of a baby.

This series of episodes is so helpful at being reminded that we all grieve differently and helps us to better understand how we might be grieving or how someone we love might be grieving. So if you are a grieving mama who has felt misunderstood in your grief or felt as though you no longer really understand those closest to you or even understand yourself. I pray this tool will provide an avenue for better understanding this season of grief and loss. 

If you are new to the enneagram, are curious about it or even a skeptic make sure to listen to Episode 64 where Monique gives a helpful overview of what the enneagram is and why this tool can be helpful amidst grief. If you are unsure what your enneagram type is I recommend reading The Road Back to You by Ian Chron and taking Monique’s free enneagram typing test over on her website http://www.moniquescrip.com



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Monique Scrip is a wife, adoptive mom of 3 boys and a leadership coach. She is certified in the Enneagram and is passionate about her faith and helping women overcome roadblocks and find clarity in their purpose.


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