Creativity through art and writing to cope and self-care through the grief of miscarriage with Josefina Sanders on The Joyful Mourning Podcast. A podcast for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Episode 029

In this week’s episode I have the privilege of spending some time with Josefina Sanders. Josefina is a writer and an artist who has used words and art to process through the grief of losing a baby. In this episode Josefina shares her story of miscarriage and few tangible ways that she has found to be helpful with the healing process. She talks about the value of journaling throughout the grieving process and gives a few very simple and practical tips for getting started with journaling if that is something that is new to you.

Josefina also shares invaluable wisdom about walking through grief with a spouse or partner — how important it is to ask questions like “how are you?” even when the other person is processing so differently than you are. And as we end our time together Josefina gives so much freedom to women who are grieving by saying “Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time and space to grieve.”

Josefina also mentions how helpful it was to find women who understood the pain of miscarriage when she was walking through her grief. If you are alone in your grief and just need another woman who has been there and who understands, we would love to have you join The Joyful Mourning Community. It’s a free online community, created to be a safe place for women just like you. A place to be reminded that you aren’t alone in this, a place to find another woman who understands; a woman who can listen, pray for, and offer wisdom. Come join us by clicking here.

This episode is sure to bless you today as Josefina’s wisdom is beyond her years and her joy is contagious. I hope you love listening as much as I loved chatting with my new friend.

There is no timeline or deadline for grief. Take your time. | A podcast about miscarriage and finding healing with Josefina Sanders for The Joyful Mourning Podcast |

Helpful Journaling Resource

Growing in Gratitude: A Journal

Meet Josefina

Josefina Herrera Sanders is a writer, artist, and creative freelancer based in Tampa Florida. With a passion for community, creativity, and celebrating the journey of life; Josefina aspires to inspire people to live intentionally, love others, and serve well through powerful words and visuals.

Get to know Josefina a bit more (see all of her beautiful art and read her powerful words) by visiting her website:, following along on Instagram: loveoffering and by reading her book, The Mourning Sister: A Journey of Grief & Joy

Be gentle with yourself. Thoughts on grief after miscarriage with Josefina Sanders on The Joyful Mourning Podcast | Episode 029 |