Returning to work after still birth | Podcast interview with Maggie Koch on The Joyful Mourning Podcast |

Episode 71

There are so many aspects of life after loss that feel incredibly difficult and challenging, impossible even. Even doing mundane, normal or routine things can feel daunting. And we all know from experience that the first firsts after losing our baby can bring unexpected tears or feelings of anxiety or fear or deep sadness. So it makes sense that going back to work after experiencing the loss of a baby can feel especially challenging.

We fear having to resume normal tasks when our heart is shattered and our mind barely feels as though it’s functioning. We fear having to face people who knew us before loss. We are afraid of having to talk about our baby and at the same time afraid that people won’t ask. We are wondering what people are thinking about us or saying about us. We are wondering if we will ever be able to do our job at the level we performed before losing our baby. 

Understanding that returning to work is one of the most difficult aspects of life after loss, I wanted to create a special series of episodes where we talk about how to navigate that very thing. Throughout the next 4 episodes I have the privilege of talking with women specifically about what it looked like for them to return to work after losing their baby.

In today’s episode I am talking with Maggie Koch about her experience of heading back to the hospital where she delivered her stillborn daughter to resume her work as an RN. Her interview is incredibly honest and tender and practically very helpful. She gives advice that is tangible and realistic and I am sure that if you are in a position where you will be heading back to work soon, this episode will be an enormous blessing.

Over and over again throughout this interview Maggie reminds you to be gracious to yourself, to take your time, to communicate your needs and that it’s ok to not be ok. Her words are gentle and encouraging and hopeful as she instills the truth that while this will be hard, you can do this.

If you are listening as a friend of someone who has lost a baby, Maggie offers very tangible wisdom for you as well about how to love and support a grieving mama who is heading back to work. From all of us grieving mamas — thank you for caring and loving and supporting — your efforts mean more than you could ever fully know.

I am certain that Maggie’s story and wisdom will bless and encourage you.

Returning to work after still birth | Podcast interview with Maggie Koch on The Joyful Mourning Podcast |


My name is Maggie Koch and I live in Green Bay, Wi. I am a mother to my heavenly angel Olivia Grace, a wife, nurse and fur mama to our Jack Russell Brooklyn. I enjoy exploring the outdoors, cheering on the Pack and spending time with my close knit family. Sharing my story of baby loss and providing transparency in this painful journey and navigating our new normal has been very therapeutic for me.

Learn more about Maggie by following along via Instagram: @burkartmaggie