Meaningful Jewelry for grieving mothers | The Morning: a community of hope for women finding joy after pregnancy & infant loss.

A sweet way to remind a mama that her baby is not forgotten. I have several pieces of jewelry that remind me of my son every time I wear them. And those pieces not only remind me of him, but they also remind me how loved I am by the sweet friend or family member gave them to me.

P.S. #7 is perfect for a mama who has experienced miscarriage and may not have had the opportunity to capture handprints or footprints.
P.P.S. #4 is so beautiful. I wish I would have known this was a thing after my son died.

  1. Name Necklace
  2. Footprint Necklace
  3. Ashes Pendant
  4. Breastmilk Pearl
  5. Fingerprint Bracelet
  6. Personalized Stacking Ring
  7. Dainty Birthstone Necklace
  8. Memorial Flowers for Bracelet Beads