Top 10 Plants to Give to a Grieving Mother | The Morning: A community of hope for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

When my son died, I received a number of beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Among the most precious to me were the plants; there was something incredibly hope-filled and precious about having a living thing in my home that would remind me of my son every time I passed by. To this day, 9+ years since my son died, I have several plants from his memorial service that friends and family gifted us. We lovingly refer to them as Aaden’s trees.

The tricky part with gifting plants is that they must be hardy, difficult to kill — a grieving mother does not need another reminder of death so finding the right plant that will keep on living even when she forgets to water it for weeks on end, or forgets to move it by a window, or never has the heart to prune it, is key.

The list below is made up of 10 indoor house plants that are beautiful and difficult to kill (i.e. they’re going to keep on living and growing even when left in a corner without much attention.) They are hardy, forgiving and will bring life into a home that may feel a bit lifeless.

01. Rubber Plant
02. ZZ Plant
03. Split Leaf Philodendron
04. Heart Leaf Philodendron
05. Dwarf Umbrella Tree
06. Cast Iron Plant
07. Spider Plant
08. Pothos
09. Snake Plant
10. English Ivy

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