Miscarriages, Questioning Her Faith, & Trying to Get Pregnant Again -- all on this episode of The Joyful Mourning Podcast with Ashlee Karasch | www.themorning.com/episode026

Episode 026

In this episode I talk with Ashlee Karasch, a wife and a mama, who has walked through multiple miscarriages. In this episode Ashlee shares her story of loss and how during that season of intense grief her faith was tested as she questioned everything she thought she believed. Ashlee shares honestly about how she found healing, what advice she would give to a grieving couple, and what it was like to try to get pregnant again. She also talks about how she found help amidst her loss and her answer might surprise you.

Lastly, we talk about the importance of finding women who understand what this grief feels like and giving them permission to speak into you life. If you are looking for women who understand what you are walking through, if you feel alone in your grief, I want to invite you to join The Joyful Mourning Community — a place where women who are walking through the grief of baby loss, can feel known and understood. Come join this hope-filled, honest community by going to themorning.com/community.

Meet Ashlee

Hi there! My name is Ashlee, wife and mama to three kiddos ages three and under. Most days you can find me reading books with my boys or pretending we are hunting dragons! In 2013, my husband and I walked through multiple early pregnancy losses. It was a devastating season that tested my faith and caused me to question everything I thought I believed. By God’s grace and healing power, I came out of that season and a few years later, launched Lilia Grace! A meaningful shop and ministry for women walking through early pregnancy loss.

You can learn more about Ashlee and her ministry Lilia Grace at http://www.lili-grace.com and follow along on Instagram: lilliagraceshop.

Miscarriages, Questioning Her Faith, & Trying to Get Pregnant Again -- all on this episode of The Joyful Mourning Podcast with Ashlee Karasch | www.themorning.com/episode026

Fighting Doubts & Fears

Ashlee talks briefly about her wrestle with faith and doubt, questioning what she thought she believed, asking the question: do I really believe this to be true?

Two things I want to share with you in regard to questioning your faith:

  1. It’s ok to wrestle. Romans 8 tells us that nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, that means nothing. Not your doubting, your questioning, your fear, your anger or frustration. Nothing. That means you can feel the freedom that Christ offers through His death, burial and resurrection to go to Him (Hebrews 4:16 <– favorite verse right now!!) and ask the questions and pray the hard prayers. He isn’t angry with you or your questions, neither is He disappointed that your faith isn’t stronger.
  2. Direct your doubts toward God. Even if it all feels like a lie right now. Do the hard thing and open your Bible. Do the seemingly impossible and pray to Him. Tell Him what you think and what you are feeling. Ask Him to meet you in the mess. And if that feels just too hard, text a friend and ask them to pray for you — very specifically about the doubts and fears and questions you are wrestling through. We all struggle to believe sometimes, it’s what we do with our unbelief that matters. Take it to Him. Like I said in #1 He isn’t angry or disappointed in you, in fact He loves you more than you can even begin to fathom.

Verses to Read

If you need a reminder of how much God loves you, a great place to start when our hearts’ begin to wander ,these verses would be a great place to start:

Isaiah 43:1 - Verses about God's love toward us. | www.themorning.com | A ministry for women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.